Kit is very important to us at Thunderbirds. It is the first thing that unites our girls and makes them feel part of the club. The girls value their club identity, they are proud of it, instantly recognisable in it and are expected to represent the club well whilst wearing it. The club also appreciates your commitment to Thunderbirds by investing in it.

 Please note:  Please watch the news page for visibility of kit shop opening dates

Latest Design

Thunderbirds has a new, bespoke, range of kit, designed with our coaches and supplied by SURRIDGE. Much time and consideration has gone into finding a supplier that provides an online ordering system and delivers to your home.


As this is a new contract, please note that the kit is not yet held in stock at Surridge.
The Online Webshop is open for set time windows throughout the year.
Kit can only be ordered when the webshop is ‘Open’. Dates for ordering will be publicised via Twitter and email. Girls will also be advised at training.

Please note that your order will not officially be placed until the order window for that session has closed. This could be some weeks after you place your order and minimum order values for the manufacturer of the particular item of kit have been met. These numbers can vary depending on the item of kit.

In order to speed up delivery times all kit ordered, excluding tracksuits will be delivered to your home address we anticipate in future this will mean delivery in approx. 8 weeks. The tracksuits will be delivered later, they take longer to manufacture, to Kelly and Molly who will distribute them to the players at training. This is a new endeavour to get the kit to players faster.

This usually means a wait of at least 9 to 12 weeks for kit.
This will help Thunderbirds to manage kit purchasing and costs. We do eventually hope to have a stock of kit kept at Surridge in most sizes, once a pattern for orders emerges. The club has made a large initial investment in this venture and seeks to avoid sitting on unsold stock.

This is a new kit design and process and will inevitably have some teething problems. Your patience is much appreciated during this time.

How To Order

Sizes can be found on the website but it is recommended that girls try samples on during training sessions. Coaches can also advise on best sizes to order.

To view and order items please click on the webshop link below.

Items that are unworn, not personalised and still labelled can be returned for a refund if they are the wrong size although postage must be paid by the purchaser. With this in mind we suggest that you do not have items personalised unless you are absolutely confident about sizing.

If you have any kit issues please email Surridge directly on

Please note: If the above link does not work the kit shop may be closed. Opening dates will be widely publicised. Please check before getting in touch.

Stratford Thunderbirds Kit Exchange

The Kit Shop is only open at certain times of the year and delivery can take a little while.

For this reason a group of volunteer parents has established a Facebook group where club members can buy, sell and swap kit year round. The private group is only open to club members – you will be required to answer a couple of questions in order to join.

Please note that the kit exchange is not run by the club so transactions are private between the individuals involved and the club can take no responsibility if you encounter any issues. 

Stratford Thunderbirds Kit Exchange can be found HERE

What kit is needed?

Existing Members

For members who already have pieces of kit, they can be worn until they no longer fit.

It is expected that all members will have all pieces of compulsory kit.

Old & New kit can be mixed and matched, for example:

An U14 player will already have an old style Thunderbirds skin top, training top, dress and socks. She can continue to wear these items, however she must order the following:

  • Tracksuit top
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Training skort
  • Thunderbirds Skin Leggings

See optional extras in table above

An U10 player will already have an old style training top, socks, skins and shorts. She is able to wear these items until they no longer fit. To fulfil the compulsory kit, she needs to order the tracksuit top and Thunderbirds skin leggings. 

New Members

Until you are fully committed or are waiting to receive your kit, it is perfectly acceptable to wear plain black sportswear to matches and training.

Branded Sportswear

As Thunderbirds have had no kit supplier for the last year, girls have been allowed to wear branded or school sport kit. From January 2020 this will no longer be acceptable. This rule is to encourage unity as a club, thank you for observing it.


In due course, it is highly recommended that you invest in specialist netball trainers which provide essential ankle support and grip for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Want to Join The Club?

If you have a daughter interested in joining our club, if you would like to get involved yourself with our senior players or perhaps you have another general enquiry, click the button to visit our CONTACT US page.

We will do our best to accommodate you!